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Nipman Paper Technology

Nipman Paper Technology

Nipman is a sales agency  representing companies with unique machinery and service solutions for paper machine optimisation in Scandinavia since year 2000

NIPMAN PORTFOLIO New products 2021

We offer solutions and instruments for the following topics and related problems:

  • Dirt particles, stickies, brightness, flakes, flocks and more – Pixact INLINE Stock Monitoring, get your individualised stock suspension analysis!
  • Moisture – Visilab, AK30 & MK30. Portable, handheld moisture meters, developed only for the paper industry: for all papers and board up to 30 mm thick.
  • Roll grinding technology – RollResearch, 4-point-roll-grinding-measurement. Optimise your rolls for improved paper quality and higher production efficiency.
  • Oxygen content – SansOx, OxTube. The most efficient way to dissolve gases in water. Optimise your water treatment process and COD/BOD values.

For more information contact us directly! Robert Clayhills. Email: Telephone UK: +44 161 818 7412

You have other needs and looking for alternative solutions? Contact us to see if we already know your solution provider. If not, we will find specialists to develop your tailor-made solution!